SynJet® Flash Demos

SynJet® Applications Flash Demo

View an Interactive Flash Demo to see how SynJets® can enhance your applications, led lighting or chip cooling.

Integrating SynJets in LED RetrofitThis demo showcases how SynJets integrate into LED retrofit lamps, LED tracklight fixtures, and Embedded Systems and highlights the key features of the SynJet in the system. It serves to answer the critical first steps in seeing how a SynJet compares to existing cooling solutions.

It’s a great starting point to learn about SynJets applications benefits and to see what’s possible. After getting a better foundation in SynJet applications you can then move on to the details of the technology to really understand how it adds up to the most reliable, most effective, cooling solution available.

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SynJet® Cooling Technology Flash Demo

View a Flash Video demonstrating how the SynJet® operates. Using the simple concept of a vibrating diaphragm to move air, synthetic jets are designed to be highly reliable and effective for active thermal management.

SynJet Cooling Technology Flash DemoThe 2 minute video explains how a synthetic jet directs unsteady, turbulent, highly efficient airflow precisely along a heated surface and induces small-scale mixing making it ideally suited for spot cooling.

Synthetic jet modules are inherently reliable because they have no frictional parts to wear out and cause failures, whether those failures manifests themselves as mechanical or acoustic.

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