Spotlight LED Cooler 47W

Spotlight LED Cooler 47W

Applications: Downlights, Low Bay, Spotlights / Tracklights, PendantsSpotlight LED Cooler and LED Heat Sink 47W
Maximum Thermal Wattage: 47W
Size: 87mm diameter
Input: 5V or 12V DC input with choice of Level Select or PWM control
Acoustics: as low as 19 dBA
Components: ZFlow87 & Spotlight LED Heatsink 47W
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Spotlight LED Cooler 47W Reference Design

View LED Cooler 47W Reference Design

SynJet Spotlight LED Cooler 47W Spec Sheet
(parameters, mechanical drawings, and part numbers)

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The SynJet Spotlight LED Cooler 47W is the quietest active cooler developed by Nuventix to date! It is already being utilized around the world with much success. Read more about this cooling solution and how it is being applied.

Product Information by Light Engine/ Mountings

*Nuventix can add other mounting patterns upon request. Contact us for more information.

NX301101 – Configurable  3D CAD Order
NX301101 – Bridgelux ES  3D CAD Order
NX301101 – Zhaga B3  3D CAD Order
NX301101 – Citizen CLL040  3D CAD Order
Philips SLM  3D CAD Contact Nuventix
Vossloh Schwabe Shop  3D CAD Contact Nuventix
Osram PrevaLED  3D CAD Contact Nuventix
Tridonic SLE  3D CAD Contact Nuventix
NX201100 – ZFlow87 LED Cooler – PWM 5V Order
NX201101 – ZFlow87 LED Cooler – Level Select 5V Order
NX201102 – ZFlow87 LED Cooler – PWM 12V Order
NX201103 – ZFlow87 LED Cooler – Level Select 12V Order
4 Wire – Wire Harnesses
WALLS-C4150-001 – 150mm Length Order
WALLS-C4240-001 – 240mm Length Order
WALLS-C4370-001 – 370mm Length Order
WALLS-C4600-001 – 600mm Length Order


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