Technical Application Notes

Application Notes for Nuventix Cooling Technology

This page is a technical resource covering details of SynJet® operation, assembly, and application. These notes cover everything from electronics to control to power sources to thermal application. A must review for anyone looking to design with a SynJet.

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IMPORTANT – Please Read Before Using SynJets® in a Laboratory

SynJet® Power Supply Connections & ON-OFF Sequence
This app note outlines the recommended procedure for connection of the SynJet Cooler to its power source. This includes the sequence for making connections, turning on the Power Supply after the SynJet Cooler is connected, and turning off the Power Supply before the SynJet Cooler is disconnected. SynJet Coolers should be completely wired to the power supply before the power supply is energized. The power supply should be turned off before the SynJet Cooler is disconnected. Failure to do so could result in damage to the SynJet Cooler’s internal circuitry. SynJet Coolers are not designed for “hot swap” or “hot plug” applications.


Mechanical Topics

SynJet® ZFlow 75 Spotlight Coolers Heatsink and Fixture Attachment
This app note covers the mechanical mounting of a SynJet ZFlow 75 Cooler to compatible heatsinks and details of assembly to the fixture housing. It includes more detail on the screw sizes, torque specs, and additional tips for fastening to the product.

SynJet® Cooler Power & Control Cable – Details to Design or Build Custom Cables
This app note provides information to help the user design a custom cable to connect the SynJet Cooler to its power and control signal source, for applications where the SynJet standard WALLS cable is not the user’s preferred solution.

SynJet® Cooler to Heatsink Attachment Screws
This application note identifies the screws needed to mount SynJet Coolers to their respective heatsinks.

SynJet® Cooler for Outdoor Applications Reliability Qualification Test
Test details and results for the qualification of Outdoor SynJets. Additional qualification testing to ensure compatibility with harsh environments.

Electrical Topics

SynJet Coolers – Power Supply and Wiring – Electrical Design Considerations
This application note discusses electrical considerations for SynJet Cooler power supply selection. Refer to the product specification sheet for the selected SynJet Cooler which gives the voltage and current requirements plus the average power specification. These data sheets vary with the SynJet Cooler Model and the cooling level selected. This document also discusses SynJet Cooler Wire Harness, connections, and wire routing considerations.

SynJet® Cooling Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Control Voltage Cooling (CVC)
This App Note gives an overview of SynJet user variable cooling control. PWM operation is described along with interface design requirements for using a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal to control the performance level of a SynJet cooler. Control Voltage Cooling (CVC) operation, “analog control” is also described along with interface design requirements for using a variable analog voltage level input signal to adjust the performance level of a SynJet cooler. It also covers the electrical specifications for power and control signals and the connector and cable wiring information for these signals.

SynJet® Cooler Heartbeat (Status) Signal Output Interface Specification
This app note covers design requirements for interfacing with the Heartbeat (Status) Signal Output of a SynJet cooler (CTL2 signal on Pin3, Purple Wire in the WALLS standard SynJet Power and Signal Cable). This interface allows the user to detect if the SynJet cooler is operating normally or outside of its specifications. It is applicable to SynJet Coolers with PWM Cooling Level Control and not applicable to SynJet Coolers using Level Select Cooling.

SynJet® ZFlow Level Select Coolers – Cooling Control and Power Wiring
This app note covers how to wire a Level Select SynJet for different cooling settings.


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