Success Stories

SynJet® cooling technology is accelerating changes all over the world

Thousands of installations worldwide are proving that SynJet® cooling unlocks new opportunities in LED lighting and electronics. The technology is enabling new applications in more than 50 countries and growing. Read on to learn how to accelerate your portfolio and how SynJet® coolers have helped countless others achieve success by providing reliable, long-lasting, energy efficient lighting and electronics.

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Retail Lighting

Europe’s Largest Retailer Lights Up New Stores with SynJet®

Carrefour LED Lighting and Thermal ManagementCarrefour, one of the world’s largest retailers, uses SynJet® LED thermal management solutions in conjunction with SunLux LED lighting fixtures for new stores to ensure brighter, attractive and reliable lighting.
Read more about Carrefour’s success with SynJet® Cooling Technology.



SynJets Helps Retailer Achieve Sustainable Design

Auchan LED Lighting and Thermal ManagementAuchan hypermarkets in Europe and Asia are working towards sustainability in all facets of the company’s operations. For their lighting needs they have turned to EasyLUm LED lighting cooled by the Nuventix SynJet® to accomplish this goal without sacrificing brightness and quality.
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 SynJets Makes Sure Products Shine in Specialty Lighting

F. Hinds LED Lighting and Thermal ManagementF Hinds, one of the UK’s most popular jewelry retailers, switched to LED lighting to ensure that their diamonds were shown at their best. To keep their LED lighting cool, quiet and attractive they turned to the unique design of SynJet® Cooling Solutions.
Read more about why F Hinds chose SynJet® Cooling Solutions.



Museum & Exhibit Lighting

SynJets Keep Galleria Tega Cool and Quiet while Helping Highlight Modern Classics

Galleria Tega Thermal ManagementFor their new space at Senato 20 in Milan, Italy, Galleria Tega required crisp, white lighting with form factors that would add to the decor rather than detract from it. They chose the Relco Group to design for their lighting needs. The fixtures chosen required a unique thermal management solution that only the Nuventix SynJet® could provide.
See why the SynJet® was the cooling solution for Galleria Tega


Small Tracklights with SynJet® Put the Focus on Masterpieces

Museum Lighting and LED Cooling TechnologyLighting artwork is no simple task. Paint and canvases are incredibly sensitive to heat and light. This is why, when constructing the LED lighting for St. Sebastian in the Cà D’oro palazzo in Venice, Zetacube chose the Nuventix SynJet® as its thermal management technology.
Learn why SynJet® Cooling Technology was the best choice when lighting this masterpiece.


Jellyfish Keep Cool with SynJet Technology

Live Animal Exhibit LED Lights and Cooling SolutionsIn 2010, The Mystic Aquarium approached Pathway Lighting to create unique lighting scheme for their new jellyfish exhibit. Pathway Lighting design required a number of LED fixtures throughout the exhibit, however, as with most exhibits with live animals, the temperature had to be highly controlled. Pathway Lighting turned to SynJet Cooling Solutions for their thermal management and energy efficiency requirements.
Read more about the exhibit and SynJet’s® Cooling Solution.


Outdoor Lighting

SynJet® Technology Helps Hospital Save 75% in Annual Energy Costs

Arkansas Children's Hospital LightingWhen the 100W mercury vapor downlights at Arkansas Children’s Hospital started to cause issues with the hospital’s day to day functions due to low performance and high operational costs, they knew it was time for a change. They wisely chose to upgrade to LED Lighting cooled by SynJet Thermal Management Technology.

Learn how SynJet® cooling technology increased efficiency and saved money



SynJets® Enable Bright Lights for Rural Residents

Outdoor LED Lighting and Cooling SolutionEvluma, a Seattle-based LED lighting manufacturer, is dedicated to the development of environmentally low impact, efficient lighting products – most notably the Clearlight, an LED replacement lamp designed to fit into existing outdoor fixtures. Evulma has selected the SynJet® as its cooling solution due to its reliability and efficiency.

Learn more about the Clearlight and why SynJet® Cooling is a perfect fit.



Industrial Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting Achieves 80% Energy Savings with Nuventix SynJet

One of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in India has begun the process of switching their assembly plants over to LED lighting in order to decrease their carbon footprint and increase productivity. Nuventix SynJet® cooling technology was chosen for their thermal management needs due to its reliability and its durability in rugged environments.

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