Revolutionary Active Thermal Management Products

Nuventix manufacturers both SynJet® Coolers and complementary heatsinks with a variety of solutions to address thermal management across multiple industries from cooling high power LEDs to computer cooling and chip cooling.

SynJet Thermal Management - ZFlow 65 Cooler

SynJet® ZFlow 65 Cooler

SynJet Thermal Management - Par20 Cooler 24W Heatsink

Heatsink – Par20 Cooler 24W



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SynJet® LED Coolers

SynJet® Chip Coolers




Cool Technology

SynJet technology removes more heat with less air.

Modern electronics and LED lighting systems are full of hot components. All of that heat leads to a shorter lifespan for your product. Heatsinks alone are not enough – it’s time upgrade your system to the next generation processor or to higher lumen LEDs with the latest in cooling technology. SynJet modules are more thermally efficient at air flow than conventional air movers. The turbulent pulsating flow results in more efficient heat transfer from the heat source to the air. As a result you get more cooling with less air.

Friction Free

SynJet modules make the air mover a reliable component in your system.

With the elimination of frictional parts common to fans and blowers, the potential failure modes are greatly reduced. SynJets are constructed out of robust materials for applications that operate in extreme environments. The list of SynJet reliability attributes goes on: a stunning five year warranty, 100 thousand hour L10 rated life, rated operating temperatures from -40 to +85°C, high resistance to dust, humidity, bumps and vibrations. With that feature list it’s easy to understand why SynJets are used in thousands of installations all over the world.

Stealth Operation

SynJet modules are designed for silent operation.

SynJet modules produce airflow that is thermally efficient, therefore the amount of air flow needed is reduced. Lower flow rates means lower acoustic emissions- less noise. In addition, by not having any bearings, brushes, or other frictional parts, the SynJet module eliminates the acoustic problems associated with these interfaces. Acousticians know there is more to sound than just the sound pressure level measurement. SynJet flow operates in more pleasing lower frequencies improving psychoacoustic perception. Let’s put it this way – no one wants a noisy product.

It’s Easy Being Green

Lower Power Consumption equals more green.

Whether you are talking about eco credentials or money saved, lowering your power consumption increases your green. Through the development of extremely efficient actuators, SynJet modules require very low power to operate. With an expanding emphasis on energy reduction SynJets enable green technologies so you can have thermal design freedom without jeopardizing environmental friendliness. Synthetic jet technology makes the Nuventix SynJet the most effective tool for LED thermal management, computer cooling, and other thermal solutions. Effective and efficient, and always green.

This is Just the Beginning

We help make a brighter future.

Literally. Based on early success with electronics cooling. Nuventix innovative award-winning approach to LED thermal management has propelled the market forward enabling bright and reliable general illumination designs. What’s next? The future is looking bright.

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