New Case Study – LED Cooling Solutions for Milan Museum

The Relco Group and their company Leonardo Luce Italia were recently featured in Italian Lighting Magazine for the unique lighting design they developed for Galleria Tega in Milan, Italy. Museum lighting is notoriously difficult as it must highlight works of art without harming them and must add to the aesthetics of the space rather than detract. Additionally museum lighting must be quiet and cool so as to create a welcoming and peaceful environment for patrons.Thermal Management for Super Axolute Binario Fixture

Lighting designers for Galleria Tega chose to use the Super Auxolute LED adjustable spotlight for their installation. The rectangular form factor worked perfectly with the modern and angular aesthetic of the museum while the LEDs gave a perfect clear white light that enhanced the exhibits. In order to ensure that the lighting remained cool and quiet, designers chose the SynJet ZFlow 75 LED Cooler. The SynJet’s small, efficient design allowed for the flexibility Leonardo Luce Italia needed to ensure their form factors looked great and would provide consistent bright light. The frictionless, active cooling of the SynJets allows them to produce 50% more efficient heat dissipation than a heatsink alone and yet remain quiet enough for use in silent spaces such as museums and libraries.

Utilizing the SynJet ZFlow 75 LED Cooler, Leonardo Luce Italia was able to create a lighting installation for Galleria Tega that produced an astounding output of 5,800 lumens with an energy savings of 40%, all while improving the look and feel of the museum’s space.
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