Outdoor LED Cooling

Outdoor LED Coolers

SynJet Outdoor Coolers are developed to withstand the challenging environmental conditions of Outdoor LED Lighting. They are available in sizes from 118 mm to 145 mm and cool from approximately 60W to 87W.

SynJet® Outdoor LED Coolers have been evaluated for performance in the following conditions. Read the full outdoor report and application note for more detail or see the individual product page for each of the cooling solutions below. Products are in descending order by wattage.

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Outdoor Qualification Tests

Ingress Protection
Low Temperature
High Temperature and High Humidity
Condensing Freeze Cycling with Power Cycling
Thermal Cycling
Salt Spray and Fog
UL Outdoor 60950-22
Corrosive Atmosphere
Shock and Vibration
Oily Atmosphere
UV Exposure
Rain Water Exposure


The cooling solutions below are recommended for Outdoor LED designs, but are not limited to these applications. Cooling Solutions are ordered by shape and size. If you do not see a solution that fits your needs, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to create the best thermal solution.

If you are looking for a passive solution, please note that all of our heatsinks are available for indoor and outdoor use in most applications.

Industrial LED Cooler R150-170

High Bay LED Cooler R150-170

Size: 150mm diameter
Max. Thermal: 154W
Acoustics: as low as 18 dBA

Industrial LED Cooler R150-170

Spotlight LED Cooler 70W

Outdoor Spotlight LED Cooler 70W and LED HeatsinkSize: 134mm diameter
Max. Thermal: 87W
Acoustics: as low as 19 dBA

Outdoor LED Cooler 70W

Spotlight LED Cooler 60W

Outdoor SynJet ZFlow90 and Spotlight LED Cooler 60W and HeatsinkSize: 118mm diameter
Max. Thermal: 60W
Acoustics: as low as 19 dBA

Outdoor LED Cooler 60W

Outdoor LED Cooler L100-270

Outdoor L100-270 LED CoolerSize: 270mm x 178mm x 70mm (LxWxH)
Max. Thermal: 235W
Acoustics: as low as 21 dBA

Outdoor LED Cooler L100-270

Outdoor LED Cooler L100-180

Outdoor LED Cooler L100-180Size: 180mm x 178mm x 70mm (LxWxH)
Max. Thermal: 174W
Acoustics: as low as 1 dBA

Outdoor LED Cooler L100-180

Outdoor Wall Wash 82W

Wall Wash LED Cooler and LED HeatsinkSize: 144m x 112mm x 58mm (LxWxD)
Max. Thermal: 82W
Acoustics: as low as 21 dBA

Wall Wash LED Cooler 82W

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