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At low lumen levels LED solutions have been able to rely on a heat sink alone to remove heat. However, as higher lumen demands are required passive heat sinks become too cumbersome to be a feasible solution. For LED thermal management, the Nuventix SynJet is the only air moving solution that is reliable, quiet, flexible and lasts longer than the LED’s it cools.

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SynJet Thermal management helps solve a variety of common thermal challenges in LED Lighting:

•Luminaire design is too large to fit aesthetic requirements
SynJets have demonstrated cooling solutions up to 1/3 the size of heatsinks alone resulting in smaller more elegant designs. In addition, SynJets allow you to hide heatsinks reducing the visual impact of the thermal management solution. See a Reference Design.

•Retrofit solutions need to fit into a confined space
SynJet solutions can enable twice as many lumens in the same size or reduce the overall size by up to 1/3. View a SynJet enabled success story for a retrofit downlight at a hospital or a retrofit outdoor lamp.

•Luminaire requires high ambient temperature rating
As ambient temperature rises passive cooling performance is reduced making it difficult to maintain a low junction or case temperature. Adding SynJet air cooling can dramatically reduce temperatures even in high ambient conditions.

Confined spaces or closed boxes cause poor thermal performance
SynJets can circulate airflow in confined spaces with minimal ambient air exchange giving additional thermal performance. See an award winning recessed downlight fixture that has a closed design.

Luminaire design is too heavy
SynJets can reduce the weight of passive thermal solutions up to 70% making mounting and installation easier as well as meeting code requirements for weight limits.

•Luminaire orientation causes poor thermal performance
SynJets deliver the same thermal performance mounted in any direction allowing uplighting and other applications that require flexibility in light direction.


Nuventix LED Coolers are:


Allows designers to fit more lumens into less space as it cools more effectively, allowing two times the lumen output in the same size or reducing the size of the LED’s heat sink by up to two-thirds


Lasts longer than the product it cools with more than 100,000 hours of run time with no bearings or lubricants to wear out


Resistant to long term dust buildup and bumps and vibrations and designed to run in applications as cold as -40° Celsius to as hot as 85° Celsius


High thermal efficiency airflow results in lower flow rates and reduced noise and include – adjustable settings to customize to end use needs

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