Press Release – 2012 New Offerings for LED Lighting

This year, we shipped our one millionth SynJet LED Cooler! Beginning with this milestone and then throughout all of 2012, we have continued to see unprecedented company and product line growth as we work to expand our portfolio of LED heatsinks and SynJet coolers.

Product Line Expansions for 2012 included:

LED Heatsinks

Spotlight 70W LED HeatsinkIn Fall 2012, we launched a section on the Nuventix website to highlight our every expanding LED heatsink product line. Nuventix heatsinks cover between 10 and 40 watts of thermal power and are designed to accommodate the ever changing LED industry. The heatsinks can be applied to both indoor and outdoor fixtures and can be used as passive solutions or combined with a SynJet LED Cooler to extend their thermal performance. The portfolio enables major light engine manufacturers such as GE, Bridgelux, Philips and most others.


New Spotlight LED Coolers

Spotlight LED Cooler 47WWe have added two new, extremely quiet Spotlight LED Coolers to our constantly expanding line. The Spotlight LED Cooler 36W was developed for more compact designs for tracklights and recessed downlights and provides 36 watts of cooling with an 87mm diameter. The Spotlight LED Cooler 47W is uniquely designed to be the ideal thermal management solution for quiet environments. Additionally, the top-mounted configuration and additional air flow allows it to be easily utilized in most luminaires.


Outdoor LED Coolers

SynJet ZFlow 90 and Outdoor Spotlight LED Cooler 60WWe have also added a new line of outdoor LED cooling solutions that are specifically designed for the challenges of outdoor LED lighting and cooling. Each solution has been exhaustively tested to ensure it can withstand extreme temperatures, oily or corrosive atmospheres, thermal cycling, exposure to extreme weather conditions and other dangers of rugged outdoor environments.


Nuventix Plans for 2013 LED Thermal Management

Expect more to come in 2013 as our 200 watt SynJet solutions for high bay LED lighting and the GE 100 watt incandescent replacement, GE Energy Smart 27-watt LED bulb, which uses our patented LED cooling technology, will be available soon. Additionally, product lines will continue to expand as we work towards the accelerated adoption of LED lighting and innovation in the industry of thermal management.

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