New R150-170 – Smaller, Lighter, Cost Efficient High Bay Cooling

This month we introduced the SynJet R150-170, the smallest, lightest LED thermal solution for high bay fixtures available! To answer the increase in cooling needs in the LED industry, we have developed a solution that can cool up to 20,000 lumens in a design that is 60% lighter and 33% smaller than its passive cooling equivalents.

High Bay LED Cooler with 3 SynJetsThe patented SynJet LED cooling technology combined with a specially designed heatsink allows for flexibility in design and the ability to use low cost compact LED arrays running at higher currents without sacrificing brightness, lifetime or color quality. Along with these savings up front, the R150-170 reduces total overall costs of the LED system and luminaire by maintaining thermal performance over the life of the system and significantly reducing maintenance costs compared to the maintenance for fluorescents or 400W metal halide systems. With this cooling solution, customers can realize more than a 30% energy cost reduction from fluorescents and a more than 40% from 400W metal halides.

In addition the R150-170, our new industrial cooling line of products also includes new linear LED coolers L100-270 and L100-180. The linear LED coolers are available in both indoor and outdoor designs and can be worked into wall wash, high bay and low bay luminaires. Both the R150-170 and L100-270 are modular designs that can be used alone or with one or multiple SynJets.

The LED Cooler R150-170 along with our LED coolers L100-270 and L100-190 will be showcased at LIGHTFAIR International 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from April 23-25 in Booth #2458.


See details for the Industrial LED Cooler R150-170

L100-180 LED CoolerSee details for the Indoor L100-270
See details for the Outdoor L100-270

See details for the Indoor L100-180
See details for the Outdoor L100-180

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