New LED Cooling Products

New LED Cooling Products from Nuventix

Nuventix is constantly working to develop new cooling solutions for the ever-changing lighting and electronics industries. Below are our latest innovations. If you are having trouble finding the right solution to meet your needs, contact us and we will work to customize a thermal management solution to meet your requirements.


LED Heatsink R186-70

R186-70 LED HeatsinkSee Details for the R186-70 LED Heatsink

New passive high performance, low cost cooling solution for recessed downlights. The R186-70 is available for a wide array of light engine manufacturers including Bridgleux, Philips, Citizen, Osram, and many others.

Introduced: December 2013


Industrial LED Cooler R150-170

High Bay LED Cooler R150-170

See Details for the SynJet® Industrial LED Cooler R150-170

New high bay solution can cool approximately 20000 lumens in just 6 inches! Can be employed as a stand alone heatsink or with up to 3 SynJets for maximum cooling in smaller spaces.

Introduced: February 2013



LED Cooler L100-270

L100-270 LED CoolerSee details for the L100-270

Linear module 270 mm in length. Can be used alone or with attached heatsinks to enable an entire line of high bay and low bay fixtures for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Introduced: February 2013


LED Cooler L100-180

Indoor LED Cooler L100-180See details for the L100-180

Linear module 180 mm in length with a maximum thermal wattage of 174W. Ideal solution for small but powerful applications. Available for both indoor and outdoor LED applications.

Introduced: February 2013


LED Cooler R87-60

LED Cooler R87-60See Details for the R87-60

Spotlight cooler utilizing the ZFlow 87 SynJet. Cools up to 45W.

Introduced: February 2013


LED Cooler R87-46

LED Cooler R87-46See Details for the R87-46

Spotlight cooler utilizing the ZFlow 87 SynJet. Cools up to 38W.

Introduced: February 2013


Spotlight LED Cooler 36W

Spotlight LED Cooler 36W and Heatsink


SynJet® Spotlight LED Cooler 36W

Extremely quiet new cooling solution developed for more compact designs for tracklights and recessed downlights.

Introduced: October 2012 


Spotlight LED Cooler 47W

ZFlow 87 and Spotlight LED Cooler 57W


SynJet® Spotlight LED Cooler 47W opens in a new window

Quietest SynJet® ever developed for retail and commercial – 4,000 lumens for tracklights, downlights, and recessed adjustable downlights.

Introduced: August 2012 


Wall Wash LED Cooler 82W

LED Wall Wash Cooler 82W


SynJet® Wall Wash LED Cooler 82Wopens in a new window

First ever SynJet® wall wash LED cooling with a rectangular form factor for 6,000 lumen wall wash luminaires, tracklights, and floodlights.

Introduced: July 2012 


Twist Module LED Cooler 58W

Twist Module LED Cooler and Heatsink


SynJet® Twist Module LED Cooler 58W opens in a new window

Designed to cool the GE Infusion module up to 3000 lumens.

Introduced: July 2012



Spotlight LED Cooler 70W

ZFlow 90 and Spotlight LED Cooler 70W


SynJet® Spotlight LED Cooler 70W

High power SynJet® cooling enabling 8,000 lumens for low bay luminaires.

Introduced: March 2012


Download the new products overview presentation for more information.

New LED Cooling Products Presentation