New Case Study – LED Cooling in Industrial Environments

One of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, known for technological innovation, economic growth and dedication to clean energy, has recently begun converting their plants to LED lighting their ongoing effort to decrease their carbon footprint.


The benefits of LED lighting on the environment are well documented; the switch to LEDs from average incandescent bulbs can often lead to reducing a building’s carbon footprint by as much as 85%. Meanwhile, the benefits of LED lighting in an industrial plant are just as impressive. Longer lifetimes lead to savings in maintenance costs, instant on combined with better quality and brighter light increases plant productivity and the inherent nature of LED lighting leads to huge energy savings. By replacing the plant’s 400W mercury vapor fixtures with 90W LED low bay lights, the company was able to achieve an energy savings of 80%!

Cooling Solution for new LED Lighting

Manufacturing Plant – Before & After LED Lighting Upgrade

LED performance in an industrial environment depends largely on the temperature and conditions of the operating environment. As one might imagine, an industrial automotive plant in India is likely to encounter extremely high temperatures, an average heatsink is not likely to provide proper thermal management in such an environment. As one might also imagine an industrial automotive plant in India is also likely to encounter a considerable amount of dust build up as well humidity and intense thermal cycling, most active cooling solutions are not rugged or dependable enough to be relied on. To answer this conundrum, Future Lighting India  turned to Nuventix to provide the thermal management technology necessary to meet this challenge.

The Nuventix  ZFlow 90 and Spotlight LED Cooler 70W SynJet cooling solution provided the power and durability needed to weather the harsh environs of the truck manufacturing plant. The small, lightweight cooling device dissipates up to 70W while enabling up to 10,000 lumens and has been thoroughly tested to withstand Spotlight LED Cooler 70Wtemperatures as cold as -40° C and as hot as 70° C. Additionally, it’s frictionless design makes it extremely resilient to dust build up, thus ensuring that the cooling solution with perform over the entire lifetime of the LED it is meant to cool, often times longer. All this combined to make the SynJet the ideal solution for proper thermal management to support the company’s move to LED Lighting in their continuing quest for energy efficiency environmental responsibility.


Case Study - Industrial LED CoolingRead full Case Study – Industrial LED Lighting Achieves 80% Energy Savings with Nuventix SynJet

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