Electronics Cooling

Electronics Cooling

electronics cooling

As electronics become faster, more powerful and more complex, effective and reliable thermal management becomes increasingly necessary to prevent overheating, slow-down and even system failure. For high-reliability air cooling, the Nuventix SynJet is the only solution.

Our solutions are designed for performance in the most demanding applications including Telecom Infrastructure, Data Centers, Industrial Automation, PCs, Medical, and other applications. SynJet Thermal Management has made air cooling an option in environments that historically have been too difficult for reliable operation. The technology has opened up new possibilities while delivering high thermal effectiveness, low noise, and flexible operation.

SynJet thermal solutions solve a variety of issues commonly found in Electronics Cooling including “the thermal management solution is too large”, “localized hot spots are forcing more system level air cooling than desired”, and “passive performance is not enough, but other air movers are not reliable enough for the application”.

Browse our solutions below or contact us to learn more about how SynJet technology can help in your design.

SynJet® Data Center Cooling was featured in Electronics Cooling Magazine. Read more.

Easily integrated into existing designs
Customizable for unique cooling needs
Lasts longer than the product it cools (over 100,000 hours of run time)
No bearings or lubricants to wear out
Resistant to long term dust buildup and bumps and vibrations
Designed to run in applications as cold as -40° Celsius to as hot as 85° Celsius
High thermal efficiency airflow results in lower flow rates and reduced noise
Adjustable settings to customize to end use needs


XFlow 42 Electronics Cooler L100-90

L100-90 Electronics Cooling
Maximum Thermal Wattage: 93W
Size: 178mm x 90mm x 45mm (L x W x H)
Input: 5V or 12V DC with choice of Level Select or PWM control
Acoustic Settings: 18-30 dBA

See Product Specifications for the L100-90


XFlow 30 Electronics Cooler L50-50

Chip Cooler, Electronics Cooler - XFlow 30Maximum Thermal Wattage: 36W
Size: 112mm x 50mm x 30mm (L x W x H)
Input: 5V or 12V DC with the choice of Level Select or PWM control
Acoustic settings: 16-31 dBA

See Product Specifications for the L50-50


Introducing : The RazorJet!

RazorJet1000 Ultrathin Electronics CoolingThe Smallest Air Cooler in the World. Only 3mm tall!

More information for the new RazorJet Electronics Cooler