LEDs Cooled by SynJet – Winners of Next Generation Luminaires Competition

New Cooling Technology for Intense PlurisNuventix had an exciting week at Lightfair International. In addition to our announcement with GE, two Nuventix customers, Intense Lighting and Cooper Lighting, were honored with multiple Next Generation Luminaire (NGL) awards.

Intense Lighting was recognized by NGL for the company’s Pluris LED ICL-LED1600 recessed access lighting and MB3 LED accent track lighting. Cooled by Nuventix’ ZFlow 75 and Spotlight LED Cooler 34W SynJet, the Pluris LED is a recessed multiple lamp luminaire with a 1600 lumen output and 25W power input. The Spotlight LED Cooler 34W SynJet cools up to 2500 lumens in a 87mm form factor, making it the ideal thermal management solution for the fixture. Intense Lighting’s MB3 LED accent track light is cooled by Nuventix’ ZFlow 90 and Spotlight LED Cooler 60W SynJet. Nuventix’ Spotlight LED Cooler 60W SynJet cools up to 4000 lumens in a 118mm form factor.

Cooper Lighting was recognized by the awards program for the company’s IRiS P3LED recessed accent light. The IriS P3LED is a directional luminaire with a field-replaceable LED array. This fixture is also cooled by Nuventix’ ZFlow 75 and Spotlight LED Cooler 34W SynJet.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Designers, the NGL awards promote and honor excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires for commercial lighting applications.

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